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July 21, 2023

AutoFarm Lite - step-by-step instructions with a detailed description of the functions

This article was created to quickly launch the AutoFarm Lite software. With careful reading and following the described actions, you will be able to start boosting accounts, farming cases, or both in the shortest possible time.

Please read this instruction from top to bottom of the article, open all hyperlinks and follow all instructions - in this case, you are guaranteed to get the software running without problems.

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  1. Launch preparation
  2. Description of software functions
  3. Description of task functions
  4. Additional software features
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Before starting, please install the .NET Framework 4.8, if you do not have it installed, it is necessary for the software to work. If you do not know whether you have it installed or not, then install it from the link below:

We also recommend using Windows 10 to work with the software.

Launch preparation

1. First you need to install Avast. It is required to be able to run multiple windows with CS2. You can find the Avast installation setup below. You can install Avast from the link below:

2. You need to disable your antivirus, you can do it like this:

Install Avast

1. Download Avast

You can install Avast from the link below:

2. Remove unnecessary options

To do this, in the installer window, click on "Customize".

And then uncheck all boxes except Sandbox.

3. Click install and wait for installation

Launch preparation

1. You need to download our software

This can be done through your profile. You can download the software only if you have an active subscription to AutoFarm Full, otherwise you will not be able to download it.

2. Customize the launcher

After loading the panel files, you need to right click on the launcher(Cmd.exe) and click "Always run in sandbox". The launcher itself is located on this path:

Panel folder > lib > client

3. Add mafiles for automatic input guard (optional)

This item is optional if you don't have them or don't need them, but if it's the other way around, you can do this by adding mafiles to the maFiles folder.

IMPORTANT! mafiles must be unencrypted. To decrypt mafiles, you need to click the "manage encryption" button in SDA and follow the instructions (only necessary if you have set a password in SDA).

4. Run the software and log in using your username and password

A panel is a file with the type "application"

Description of software functions

This section will describe all the tabs and buttons of the software. Please read this section carefully for comfortable work with the software.

1. Main page

"Accounts" - a section where information about your accounts is located, namely their number, which of them with / without prime and which with a rank.

"Tasks" - a section where information about your tasks is located, namely their number, which ones are in progress and which ones are ready.

“Boost logs” - the last actions of the panel are written here during the boost of an account or farm cases, for example: “Collecting a lobby”, “Looking for a game” and others. These logs can also be sent to telegrams and discord, we will talk about this a little later.

"Task list" - there will be tasks with accounts, where it will be written about the status of the task (queued, in progress, completed); the time the panel spent on the task and the name of the task.

2. Page with accounts

List on the left - this list contains the accounts that you have added. Level, rank, victories and prime are automatically updated while the task is running.

"Account Information" - here you can add an account manually by entering your login and password, or change the account's login and password by clicking on it on the left in the list before that.

"Import" - a button for adding accounts from a .txt file in the login:password format.

"Export" - a button to export all accounts to a .txt file in the login:password format. After clicking on this button, accounts.txt with all accounts will appear in the folder with the panel.
NB! The panel overwrites the file if its name is accounts.txt, if it was there before.

"Button with Steam icon" - this button can open the Steam profile (when left clicking) or the Steam application (when right clicking) with a specific account. To do this, you need to check the account in the list and click on this button.

"Button with trash icon" - this button removes an account with a checkmark from the list.

"Start" - this button launches CS2 with the account that is ticked.

"Stop" - this button closes CS2 with the account that is ticked.

"Close all" - this button closes all accounts.

3. Page with tasks

How to set up the modes will be described later.
The “Disconnects” mode works automatically, that is, you don’t have to do anything.

"Manual + Disconnects" - the panel waits 2 rounds at the beginning of the game, then makes disconnects. in the first two rounds you have to make one kill on each account, the score of the game should be 1:1
The panel plays 12:12.

"Manual" - the panel is simply waiting for the game to end. The panel plays 12:12.

Button "A" - automatically creates tasks for all accounts that are added to the panel

Button "↓" - automatically adds all tasks in the list to the start queue

button "+" - opens the task creation menu

Right click on "←" and "→" buttons to quickly scroll the task list

Try to avoid headshot kills and grenade kills

Creating tasks in the panel

1) To create a task, you need to drag accounts, holding down the left mouse button, from the table to “Team 1” and “Team 2”.

2) You need to enter the name of the task in the "Session name" field.

3) Specify the number of games by writing any number instead of 0 (4 for level up in 5x5 mode and 11 for 2x2 mode).

4) Click on the "Save" button.

5) Done.

To start a task for the "wingmans" mode, you need to add 2 accounts to each of the teams

Accounts should be similar in level, hours, and wins in cs2 The panel will mix accounts between teams after several unsuccessful search attempts

4. Page with settings

"Steam path" - a button to specify the path to the Steam folder. The panel itself automatically searches for this path and puts it in the settings. If the path is incorrect, then you can specify your path by clicking on this button.

"CS2 path" - a button for specifying the path to the CS2 folder. The panel itself automatically searches for this path and puts it in the settings. If the path is incorrect, then you can specify your path by clicking on this button.

"Discord webhook" - a text field for entering your discord webhook. Paste your ID there if you need Discord notifications. Full instructions on how to set up discord notifications will be a little later in the "Setting up discord notifications" section.

"Telegram id" - a text field for entering your telegram ID. Paste your ID there if you need notifications in Telegram. Full instructions on how to set up telegram notifications will be a little later in the "Setting up telegram notifications" section.

"Arguments" - in this text field you can change the arguments for launching CS2.
You can return the default arguments by clearing the argument string and restarting the panel.

"Main display" - the screen on which windows with CS2 will be launched. The launch screen can be changed using the mouse wheel.

"Tasks at time" - the number of tasks that will work simultaneously.

"Launch delay" - the delay between which the accounts will be launched. 1000ms = 1 second, so if you need to start accounts with a delay of 7 seconds, then you need to put 7000 in this field.

"Logins for getting stats" - after each game, the panel will send statistics with these logins to the discord, where it will be written: the amount of experience earned, the number of victories and the title.

"Get drop automatically" - after completing the task, the panel will automatically collect the first and second drops.

"Update player statistics after match" - after completing the game in the task, the panel will update statistics( the amount of wins, experience, level)
The checkbox is required to receive notifications about dropped items

"Block Servers" - in this list of servers that can be blocked for a better search for your game. To block, you need to click on the checkmark to the left of the server name. We recommend looking for games on the Dubai server.

5. Page with config editor

"Choose map 5x5" - the map on which games will be played during the boost in mm.

"Choose map 2x2" - the map on which games will be played during the boost in partners.

"Choose competitive mode" - here you can choose which mode is more necessary for you. We recommend using Ranked only if you need to boost ranks or wins, Unranked is best for experience boosting.
At the moment in CS2 you can't select a game mode, all matches are Ranked by default

"Choose default tab" - here you can choose which tab in the search will be open, 5x5 for mm and 2x2 for teammates.

"Configure accounts" - automatic account config without opening Steam, we recommend using it when adding new accounts. If there is a guard on the account, then there should be a mafile of this account in the maFiles folder.

A red button means that it is currently working The second button is better left green The third button also blocks the steam store, but reduces the load of the CPU

6. Item transfer page

"Transfer logs" - the progress of transferring items to accounts will be written here. For example: sending things, received and errors, if any.

Create a group to transfer items

  1. Name the group in the "Task name" text box.
  2. Drag and drop the LMB or type the username/steamid64 of the master in the "Master data" text box.
    The master is the account that will receive items.
    If you enter steamid64, you don't need to add the account to the panel
  3. Enter the master token in the "Master Token" text box.
    The token can be taken from the trade link, it is at the end after &token=token.
    For example: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=1425580935&token=gKBYeUg7 → token: gKBYeUg7.
  4. Check the boxes for the accounts that will send items to the master.
  5. Click "Save".
  6. The group has been created.

Additional software features

Setting up telegram notifications

  1. Write /start to this bot https://t.me/userinfobot to get your telegram id.
  2. Put this ID in the panel settings into the "Telegram ID" text field.
  3. Write /start to our bot https://t.me/tedonstore_bot
  4. Restart the panel.
  5. Ready.

Setting up discord notifications

  1. Create or use an existing discord server.
  2. Create or use an already created text channel.
  3. Go to the settings for this channel.
  4. Go to the Integrations section.
  5. Click the Create Webhook button.
  6. Go to the created webhook and click on "Copy webhook URL".
  7. Paste this link in the panel settings in the "Discord webhook" text field.
  8. Restart the panel.
  9. Ready.

Interesting panel features

  1. If you right click on the panel logo on the top left, the accounts will start crouching, useful in some situations

Other useful articles for software operation

List of useful articles for software operation

  1. Optimizing PC for CS2
  2. Possible errors and their solutions