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July 21, 2023

New way to boost xp and get cases

With the latest update from Valve, the logic for boosting experience and getting cases has changed. If for the experience boost it changed a little, then for getting cases it changed dramatically.

In general, the new logic for obtaining cases will prevent you from launching a large number of accounts at a time, but at the same time, when you receive a case, you will also be able to receive random item, which can cost 0.03-40$, so it's even faster now.

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  1. How it was before?
  2. How to boost experience now?
  3. How to get cases now?

How it was before?

Previously, to boost experience in matchmaking, you just had to do disconnects and that's it, you got experience or use "DM" or "FSM" modes. The last two modes have not changed in any way, which is great.

To receive cases, you could simply log in to your accounts on Idle Server, stand AFK for 3 hours and receive 1-2 cases per week. We also had software for this, which allowed us to run hundreds of accounts with the lowest possible load, but, alas, after this update it stopped working, but this does not mean that we will not try to do something like this again.

How to boost experience now?

You can also use "DM" and "FSM" modes to do this. The logic is the same, just go and kill your bots.

Matchmaking is now a little more difficult, you need to kill your bots in the first and second round or just in the first, depending on how you boost the experience. That is, if you make a draw, then you need to make kills for two teams, each team in a round, if you make a win, then make kills only for the team that should win.

By “kill your bots” we mean you just need to make one kill for each account and then make disconnects.

This is now a new way to boost experience in matchmaking. We also recommend reading this article on how not to get bans on your accounts.

Instructions on how to boost experience in DM and FSM modes

So, you need 16 accounts for experience boost in Deathmatch mode and 12 accounts for Migratory Snipers mode, but remember that you can only get experience on prime accounts and you can also use prime and non-prime accounts together.

And here is the instruction itself:

  1. Add friends from one account to all other accounts (this requires an account without a $5 limit).
  2. Create a lobby with five accounts, the leader must be the account that has added other accounts as friends.
  3. Launch DM or FSM mode.
  4. After joining your lobby to the game, kick the players that are there (not your accounts).
  5. Log in through a friend to the game on all accounts that have not logged in yet.
  6. Done, now you can make kills on your accounts and boost experience.

How to get cases now?

In general, there is no difference from the experience boost. Everything can also be done in matchmaking, and in the DM mode, and in the FSM mode.

To get a case, you need to boost level 1, that is, make 3 matches in matchmaking. This is a total of 30-50 minutes and you will receive a case and random item.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that it was useful for you and that you learned something new.