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July 21, 2023

How to find your game in matchmaking or wingmans

This article and TEDONSTORE software do not guarantee 100% finding of your game between your accounts, but it will definitely increase the chances of finding them.

This article will describe all possible ways to adapt your computer and accounts to find your games as much as possible.

Enjoy reading!

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  1. Setting up your computer to find games
  2. Server blocking in TEDONSTORE software
  3. How to choose the right accounts for search

Setting up your computer to find games

This section will be super short, but the most useful. Many boosters and farmers cannot find their games precisely because of this, namely because of the firewall in Avast. This bastard will ruin everything and therefore it is best to turn it off, you can do this in the Avast settings.

You must also have a firewall enabled in Windows.

Server blocking in TEDONSTORE software

This section is quite important, because without it it is much more difficult to find a game. Agree that you will be more lucky with finding the game if you search on one server, and not on all at once.

On the settings page on the right you can find a list of different servers with pings (numbers on the right).

How to block servers and choose a server for the best search?

Probably this question visits every booster or farmer when they have to look for a game between their accounts. With the second, so for sure after the last update.

So, let's write it like this, it's quite simple. To block the server, you just need to check the box on the right or click on the "Mark all" button, which is much more convenient than clicking through each box.

We recommend using only one server for searching, i.e. you need to block all servers by ticking everywhere except one server. To be honest, we advise you to use the server called Dubai, as it is the best for searching games, but you can also choose a server for yourself by trying to search on each server.

IMPORTANT! You do not need to restart all accounts after changing the server. Just change the checkboxes, end the search and start it again. That's all!

How to choose the right accounts for search

In this section, we will tell you which accounts will be able to find the game and which will not.

The previous section does not guarantee finding one game if all globals are in one team, and all silvers are in the second. Finding such a game is almost impossible due to the fact that this is how the search in CS:GO is done.
So what kind of accounts do I need?

Perhaps what we wrote earlier confused you, but we will write it this way, if you understand this logic, then you can easily find games, and it is simple.

The logic itself is this:

You need to select accounts with the same rank and trust in both teams.

That is, you need to select accounts in both teams in such a way that they are plus or minus the same. If it is convenient for you, you can characterize each rank with a number and add them up. That is, the number of the title is what it is in a row. For example, Silver 1 - 1, Gold nova 4 - 10, Global - 18.

Team sums may differ by 1-9, but not more, otherwise one game may not be found.


Thank you for reading this article. We hope that it was useful for you and you will start to find your games.