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July 21, 2023


This article was created to help users find a quick answer to a question that has already been asked to us by other users.

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This article is also updated with questions and answers.

Questions and answers

1. Do I need to create accounts or will you give me one?

- You need to create or buy accounts yourself, we do not issue them together with the panel.

2. Will I get bans on my accounts?

- No, we tested our software with hundreds of users and there were no bans. What you can get a ban for is for the wrong boost of your accounts. You can read this article, where it is written how to avoid bans.

3. Where will my accounts be stored?

- TEDONSTORE has been in the boost and pharma case automation market for more than 3 years, and all this time we have been working as transparently as possible. No personal data such as mafile, steamid, etc. from user accounts are transferred to the administration or developers. Accounts will be stored on your PC and only there.

4. Will you help me with software installation?

- Our articles describe detailed step-by-step instructions for each version of the software, as well as other points necessary for boosting and farming cases. The unique feature of our service is that each client can independently buy, install and launch a bot in a matter of minutes, without waiting for the administration and without needing anything but prepared and understandable instructions. If you still have questions or problems after purchasing the software, you can always write in private messages or create a ticket on our website, where our support agents will help you.